The Break Is Over!

So the world survived another year and I’m back from intermission. Turns out many things can happen in a short amount of time. Incredible insights can flow in and out of you spontaneously and methodically. A new year and a new semester await me taking me one step closer to graduation. Over the holiday I stumbled upon what may be the greatest gift ever given to a young adult. Knowledge, knowledge is not only the key to a successful business career, but more importantly it is the life blood of a virtuous and happy life individualistically as well as pertaining to society. The treasure that I stumbled upon was a collection of great works by the greatest thinkers of our human history. Some fifty odd books densely packed full of intellect hidden away behind cloth covers. I consider myself an avid reader who powers through books with ease and it got me thinking. Why are books so easy to read? And what truth can we gleam from books written for children (average reading level in America? 8th grade statistic as a picked up a book from Hobbes and later Hume I noticed that I was not blazing a trail through these pieces of literature. No longer can I call them books. It takes time to read, reread, and ponder life’s greatest questions. This brought me to the question of where is our generation, the generation of technology headed? I am all for electronic reading, but what ideas and thoughts come from social media? These are not the tools for greatness but of sustainment. So get out there and pick up something truly worth reading, and judge a book by its cover. After all, the ones worth reading hold what is worth seeing on the inside…

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It’s a Lifestyle/ college tips!

We all wish we had more time to go to the gym or that yoga class. With today’s hectic schedules its becoming harder to even eat healthy on a consistent basis. I am fortunate enough to be in college where time is about as free as it will ever be. On the negative side I get to see first hand what happens to those who stop taking care of their bodies and minds.

When we get to college we are still wild eyed, untrained kids who were just taken off the leash and needless to say, we’ll be gone for awhile. Try reason out what you did the first six months and you will wonder who stole your body for the better part of a year. Fast food has never been so fast, the mandatory practices from high schoolers gone for most of us, and the rec is a place for walking class or in other terms that easy A. What people don’t see is the changes that can accumulate rather quickly with ones person. Fast food in the fitness world does the opposite of what it claims to be. A better name would be slow food, jammed packed with preservatives and man made fats, fast food is the kryptonite to our once pristine adolescent bodies. Late night junk food becomes a norm as does irregular sleep patterns and the most activity the majority get is walking to class.

College is the one time in our lives that time is plentiful and we can either take advantage or we can whittle away the hours twiddling our thumbs in front of a tv. The freshman fifteen is a real thing and should never happen to anyone. We’ve all seen someone let themselves go, but their is another side to this dreaded sedentary state. The exact opposite of the freshman fifteen can happen as well. Quality foods along with consistent activity can help you keep that high school body, and if you really put in the work you can transform yourself into the perfect human specimen, in just six months! The three core rules are this, eat quality whole foods, sleep is necessary for your body to recover, and train hard! Why else are you going to the gym/for a run/yoga? The results will follow.

Now remember that life is more than just looking good. To be well rounded is key and a great personality and can take you a long way. Here are a few college tips I recommend sharing with anyone in college or will be attending one.

1. Go to class everyday, there is no excuse to not go. I’m sleepy, I had a test last class we won’t learn anything new, I’m sick, I drank so much last night. All of these are bad excuses that won’t get you anywhere.
2. Join a club! If that’s the chess club, quidditch, baseball, German club it doesn’t matter! It keeps you involved, social, and you’ll make more experiences than all those kids sitting in their dorm.
3. Study, then study some more, and then guess what, study more. What people don’t realize is that college isn’t high school anymore. You can not be successful by doing your homework right before class or not doing the review for test. You will fail or you won’t be happy with your grade. It is all about effort and why not study, you have all the time in the world. You can have fun on the weekends.
4. No matter what your political or religious views you are not always right. I’m sure a few of you are thinking this guy is wrong! My views (which i got from my parents, and they got from there parents) is the right one because that’s the way I was raised. Try opening up and seeing where another is coming from with his or her view. That doesn’t mean you have to agree and convert, but the world is a big place that mixes on a college campus. The more you know the better off you’ll be. So be a sponge and soak up all those cultures!
5. Shots do not have less calories than beer. On average they have a few more! Everything in moderation including alcohol. If you black out only bad things can happen, no one ever got home and said last night was so crazy I don’t even remember! Well they do say that, but it doesn’t ,ale much sense.
6. Save your money the first semester! All that money you saved up during the summer will be gone before you know it on junk food, all those parties you’ll be wanting to go to, and girls/guys you will be going on dates with. So all those knick knacks and he new video game you HAVE to buy to play with your old high school friends aren’t needed.
7. You are going to make new friends that are great, maybe and most likely better than those child hood friends you grew up with. Don’t forget them though, we all grow apart and come together at different times. It’s a part of life but remember what you learned from them good or bad.
8. Date! But that doesn’t mean you have to get MARRIED. All the good ones will be taken, you will be single the rest of your life, I don’t want to be a crazy cat lady. All these are FALSE. There are plenty of fish in the sea and contrary to what all your parents and their friends say you don’t need to get married and have children by the age of 24. So go out their and get to know what you like and dislike. This is not your excuse to go bang every walking thing to “see what you like”.
9. Follow your heart. If you love a certain course take more of it! Not everyone can or even wants to be a doctor or lawyer. There are thousands of different majors in colleges so experiment if you switch your major once or twice so be it. It’s YOUR life do what you want, not what so,some thinks is “best for you” (your mom and sisters just want free plastic surgery/Botox) or because “it’s what we do) Maybe your family has a long line of teachers, stockbrokers, or oil tycoons. Perhaps this isn’t your path and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

So those are a few tips! If you have any others or want to comment please feel free to do so.

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Ignorance is bliss?

Is ignorance truly bliss? Would anyone give up knowledge and understanding for a simple life filled with pleasure? My Roomate tweeted a simple statement that got me thinking, “when you stop looking for flaws, you stop finding them”.

Why did I instinctively disagree with this idea and what is the purpose of pondering such a thing when I have a logic test to study for. My rebuttal was that even if you do not look for flaws do they cease to exist? Surely if I’m looking for my shoes and give them up for gone they do not disappear into the sands of time. Neither would the flaws of another person just because their partner has chosen to pass over their partner with a blind eye rather than see who they truly are. Now I’m not saying that we should nit pick each other into oblivion as we all know no one is perfect. Surely the recognition of another being as flawed shows us that they are human more so than a self blinded view of someone as a false idea of perfection. Now when I saw flawed I do not mean just physically, but as a whole. Perhaps one is vain and materialistic, or perhaps an unjust man who has lost his virtue.

Ignorance may be bliss to those who do not know, but those with knowledge should never wish for ignorance. From ignorance only beliefs can exist whether those be true of false. Mans greatest treasure, wisdom, can never be acquired.

If you have a different view or would like to complement/comment or critique feel free to leave a comment!

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Kim Kardashian

So today was a was great and then slid down hill. Went to class nothing special there today, I think the professor doesn’t like my answers because they progress the conversation to quickly.
Anyway I went and worked out today after eating a ton of fajitas. What a horrible choice when doing high intensity training like crossfit. My shoulder which I tweaked a few days ago isn’t one hundred percent but its getting close.

Well after this I went to drink with a few friends and ran into a bunch of old friends from my home town! It was almost as if we had a mini reunion, the people were great ranging from friends, classmates, and even teachers. After this I went to my sisters house and waited for the rest of my family to come into town.

Nothing eventful happened until the women in my family decided to make a remark. That I was the Kim Kardashian of the family. Now I consider myself to be intellectual and deeper on more dimensions than one. In no way is my personality mean, bitter, selfish, or vain like Kim Kardashian. Now I may be completely wrong and she may not be this way, but this is what I have perceived through what I have heard and seen about her. Now coming from my family and my little sister saying that I am only skin deep when I take pride in my self for being more than one dimensional really hit home hard. It gets worse, my older sister agreed with her. They were talking to each other and I over heard, when I called them out they denied it and then after realizing I did hear they told me to prove it. Now I usually enjoy my sisters company but at this point I was in complete shock as to why my sisters would not consider what they were truly saying with the comparison. Now the rest of my family heard all of this and said nothing for either side. This can mean a few things. I am vain, it’s not a big deal because they didn’t realize what they were saying, or I’m not vain. I am going to say the last option is the truth, vanity involves those who only enjoy materialistic things or the base pleasures of life. As an avid reader of philosophy I do my best to understand the philosophy
of specifically Aristotle and his views on virtue and ethics. I also keep a fit body, play guitar, woodwork, and read the classics. It seems as if I am a well rounded person not including my personality which I hope you will get a grasp of through this blog.

Sorry about the rant but I had to express myself somehow. Let me know if I am right or wrong! Or even how you would (reasonably) respond to an insulting comment such as this one. Hope your Friday went great!

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The man behind the words! I updated my about me so I thought I’d share a picture for you to get a better idea of me.

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No, No Shave November

Hello everyone!
Today is something special! Today is the day I do not do no shave November!
My freshman year for joining a fraternity(don’t worry I’m no longer apart of it) I was chosen as the beard pledge and was not allowed to shave for the entire semester. For those of you who don’t know, I can grow a beard. I soon turned into a mountain man. The effects of having a beard are quite interesting. First off, literally no girl wants to talk to a 19 year old boy who has a full beard. Weird you think girls would find that display of masculinity just SO attractive. Psychologically I began to displace myself from the person I was until I could shave. It was a very unique process I began to use on myself and from this I wish to never have a real beard again. So that’s that!

The good news is we are now approaching thanksgiving. My parents are divorced so that means I’m traveling all over Texas for multiple thanksgivings. This is a good thing! Well, the food and family part not the divorce. Which reminds me I talked to all of my immediate family today. People often do not cherish each other like they should. Take the time to stay connected to your family. When all your friends have gone, your family remains. Appreciate them for what they do, like cook food! I love food and holidays I allow myself to fully indulge in what should be award winning dishes. There’s a good chance I like thanksgiving more than I prefer Christmas I just haven’t truly decided yet. Now to talk about food, I made this delicious chicken in the crockpot yesterday. Some of you might not count that as cooking and I’m inclined to believe you but it was delicious! Nothing unusual happened today, but I do have some work to get done for logic. Seems like an easy class, turns out it is unless they have a clunky Internet system they try to implement. 4 applications for one class? Seems a little unnecessary if you ask me.

I have updated my about me if you want to give it a look! Nothing really special about it but I thought it was time.

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So today was a little different than normal. First off, nothing is worse than a day of philosophy when you are not in the mood for it. I suppose this works with all things when you’re not in the mood. Back to the story though, after today’s class over a world in which we all are compelled to do good. I went to the park to play guitar in the fall weather before winter turns upon us. After this my brother and I had a chat over the extraordinary life compared to the normal life. Both have their positive and negative consequences. To truly excel at any one thing you must sacrifice something. Usually those who have never fully delved into do not realize this, (I have experience I is that I may talk about at a later date) A common example of this is realized in cinema when a character uses others to power hop his way to the top. This does translate into real life as well. An example would be those who wait to pursue a relationship for the purpose of gaining a step up in the professional world. This is, in my opinion, a more noble choice than those who push their family (new and old) and friends to the side. We did come to the realization that that although you do lose those close to you. You do find a new following of admirers at a much greater quantity. This brings up the dilemma of which is better quality people around you or quantity. Those who choose the later have people who follow them out of admiration of what they wish they had. Rather than those who enjoy one another for the quality of the person not the qualities that they possess. In hindsight nothing exceptional happened but it was a great day. Isn’t that all we ask for?

P.S. I saw the most incredible girl today and didn’t say hello. What a regret that will be!

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