A New Beginning

Hello everyone!

I’ve started this blog in hopes of detailing my life through my thoughts, actions, and the society we grow up in. First off I’d like to set the scene for where this journey begins. My name is Miles, im twenty two years old, and I am currently attending Texas Tech University. I plan on receiving my degree in business finance and then promptly moving to California which we all know is the land of hopes and dreams. This fall semester I am currently taking the majority of my classes to receive a minor in philosophy.
Philosophy is a vital aspect on life concerning morality, ethics, and virtue. We don’t all just believe what our parents told us was right and wrong do we? I plan on implementing these philosophies into this blog by (hopefully) giving you my day to day activities and what impact they have on myself and others. Whether this be unconsciously or a deliberate act.
To take a on a lighter topic here are a few quirks and hobbies I enjoy. I love eating quality foods no matter what culture the food is from! On the opposite end of the spectrum I enjoy fitness and consider it a part of the lifestyle I am living. What would I do with all my spare time if I was not enjoying pushing the limits of my body both physically and mentally? Also I am currently growing out my hair, this is not a big topic but it is something I will mention from time to time.
Well that’s a short introduction to where this will be headed. If you think you might be interested stick around and see if I’m capable of keeping you entertained! Check back tomorrow for chapter one!


About milesrogers22

Lover of philosophy, fitness, food, and family. Currently enrolled at Texas Tech University.
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