So today was a little different than normal. First off, nothing is worse than a day of philosophy when you are not in the mood for it. I suppose this works with all things when you’re not in the mood. Back to the story though, after today’s class over a world in which we all are compelled to do good. I went to the park to play guitar in the fall weather before winter turns upon us. After this my brother and I had a chat over the extraordinary life compared to the normal life. Both have their positive and negative consequences. To truly excel at any one thing you must sacrifice something. Usually those who have never fully delved into do not realize this, (I have experience I is that I may talk about at a later date) A common example of this is realized in cinema when a character uses others to power hop his way to the top. This does translate into real life as well. An example would be those who wait to pursue a relationship for the purpose of gaining a step up in the professional world. This is, in my opinion, a more noble choice than those who push their family (new and old) and friends to the side. We did come to the realization that that although you do lose those close to you. You do find a new following of admirers at a much greater quantity. This brings up the dilemma of which is better quality people around you or quantity. Those who choose the later have people who follow them out of admiration of what they wish they had. Rather than those who enjoy one another for the quality of the person not the qualities that they possess. In hindsight nothing exceptional happened but it was a great day. Isn’t that all we ask for?

P.S. I saw the most incredible girl today and didn’t say hello. What a regret that will be!


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Lover of philosophy, fitness, food, and family. Currently enrolled at Texas Tech University.
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