No, No Shave November

Hello everyone!
Today is something special! Today is the day I do not do no shave November!
My freshman year for joining a fraternity(don’t worry I’m no longer apart of it) I was chosen as the beard pledge and was not allowed to shave for the entire semester. For those of you who don’t know, I can grow a beard. I soon turned into a mountain man. The effects of having a beard are quite interesting. First off, literally no girl wants to talk to a 19 year old boy who has a full beard. Weird you think girls would find that display of masculinity just SO attractive. Psychologically I began to displace myself from the person I was until I could shave. It was a very unique process I began to use on myself and from this I wish to never have a real beard again. So that’s that!

The good news is we are now approaching thanksgiving. My parents are divorced so that means I’m traveling all over Texas for multiple thanksgivings. This is a good thing! Well, the food and family part not the divorce. Which reminds me I talked to all of my immediate family today. People often do not cherish each other like they should. Take the time to stay connected to your family. When all your friends have gone, your family remains. Appreciate them for what they do, like cook food! I love food and holidays I allow myself to fully indulge in what should be award winning dishes. There’s a good chance I like thanksgiving more than I prefer Christmas I just haven’t truly decided yet. Now to talk about food, I made this delicious chicken in the crockpot yesterday. Some of you might not count that as cooking and I’m inclined to believe you but it was delicious! Nothing unusual happened today, but I do have some work to get done for logic. Seems like an easy class, turns out it is unless they have a clunky Internet system they try to implement. 4 applications for one class? Seems a little unnecessary if you ask me.

I have updated my about me if you want to give it a look! Nothing really special about it but I thought it was time.


About milesrogers22

Lover of philosophy, fitness, food, and family. Currently enrolled at Texas Tech University.
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