Kim Kardashian

So today was a was great and then slid down hill. Went to class nothing special there today, I think the professor doesn’t like my answers because they progress the conversation to quickly.
Anyway I went and worked out today after eating a ton of fajitas. What a horrible choice when doing high intensity training like crossfit. My shoulder which I tweaked a few days ago isn’t one hundred percent but its getting close.

Well after this I went to drink with a few friends and ran into a bunch of old friends from my home town! It was almost as if we had a mini reunion, the people were great ranging from friends, classmates, and even teachers. After this I went to my sisters house and waited for the rest of my family to come into town.

Nothing eventful happened until the women in my family decided to make a remark. That I was the Kim Kardashian of the family. Now I consider myself to be intellectual and deeper on more dimensions than one. In no way is my personality mean, bitter, selfish, or vain like Kim Kardashian. Now I may be completely wrong and she may not be this way, but this is what I have perceived through what I have heard and seen about her. Now coming from my family and my little sister saying that I am only skin deep when I take pride in my self for being more than one dimensional really hit home hard. It gets worse, my older sister agreed with her. They were talking to each other and I over heard, when I called them out they denied it and then after realizing I did hear they told me to prove it. Now I usually enjoy my sisters company but at this point I was in complete shock as to why my sisters would not consider what they were truly saying with the comparison. Now the rest of my family heard all of this and said nothing for either side. This can mean a few things. I am vain, it’s not a big deal because they didn’t realize what they were saying, or I’m not vain. I am going to say the last option is the truth, vanity involves those who only enjoy materialistic things or the base pleasures of life. As an avid reader of philosophy I do my best to understand the philosophy
of specifically Aristotle and his views on virtue and ethics. I also keep a fit body, play guitar, woodwork, and read the classics. It seems as if I am a well rounded person not including my personality which I hope you will get a grasp of through this blog.

Sorry about the rant but I had to express myself somehow. Let me know if I am right or wrong! Or even how you would (reasonably) respond to an insulting comment such as this one. Hope your Friday went great!


About milesrogers22

Lover of philosophy, fitness, food, and family. Currently enrolled at Texas Tech University.
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