Ignorance is bliss?

Is ignorance truly bliss? Would anyone give up knowledge and understanding for a simple life filled with pleasure? My Roomate tweeted a simple statement that got me thinking, “when you stop looking for flaws, you stop finding them”.

Why did I instinctively disagree with this idea and what is the purpose of pondering such a thing when I have a logic test to study for. My rebuttal was that even if you do not look for flaws do they cease to exist? Surely if I’m looking for my shoes and give them up for gone they do not disappear into the sands of time. Neither would the flaws of another person just because their partner has chosen to pass over their partner with a blind eye rather than see who they truly are. Now I’m not saying that we should nit pick each other into oblivion as we all know no one is perfect. Surely the recognition of another being as flawed shows us that they are human more so than a self blinded view of someone as a false idea of perfection. Now when I saw flawed I do not mean just physically, but as a whole. Perhaps one is vain and materialistic, or perhaps an unjust man who has lost his virtue.

Ignorance may be bliss to those who do not know, but those with knowledge should never wish for ignorance. From ignorance only beliefs can exist whether those be true of false. Mans greatest treasure, wisdom, can never be acquired.

If you have a different view or would like to complement/comment or critique feel free to leave a comment!


About milesrogers22

Lover of philosophy, fitness, food, and family. Currently enrolled at Texas Tech University.
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