The Break Is Over!

So the world survived another year and I’m back from intermission. Turns out many things can happen in a short amount of time. Incredible insights can flow in and out of you spontaneously and methodically. A new year and a new semester await me taking me one step closer to graduation. Over the holiday I stumbled upon what may be the greatest gift ever given to a young adult. Knowledge, knowledge is not only the key to a successful business career, but more importantly it is the life blood of a virtuous and happy life individualistically as well as pertaining to society. The treasure that I stumbled upon was a collection of great works by the greatest thinkers of our human history. Some fifty odd books densely packed full of intellect hidden away behind cloth covers. I consider myself an avid reader who powers through books with ease and it got me thinking. Why are books so easy to read? And what truth can we gleam from books written for children (average reading level in America? 8th grade statistic as a picked up a book from Hobbes and later Hume I noticed that I was not blazing a trail through these pieces of literature. No longer can I call them books. It takes time to read, reread, and ponder life’s greatest questions. This brought me to the question of where is our generation, the generation of technology headed? I am all for electronic reading, but what ideas and thoughts come from social media? These are not the tools for greatness but of sustainment. So get out there and pick up something truly worth reading, and judge a book by its cover. After all, the ones worth reading hold what is worth seeing on the inside…


About milesrogers22

Lover of philosophy, fitness, food, and family. Currently enrolled at Texas Tech University.
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